About Us

Pouya Teb Zakariya with the efforts of itís young board of managers and 30-year old experience of itís staff was founded in 2011.

PTZ is one of a few companies in Iran that Biomedical engineers who graduated from best universities are managing all parts, So PTZ has provided close relationship between medical industry and institutes and health centers of country.

Our Company is a reputable healthcare group with extensive experience in Business development, Market research, Market entry strategies, Distribute of medical products in Islamic Republic of Iran. Pouya Teb Zakariyaís affiliated network of specialized marketing companies and itís direct distribution network located throughout the region provides excellent market coverage.

Our objectives are to implement newest healthcare technologies in Iran and also provide high quality medical equipment with the best prices for our compatriots to even do a little action in increasing community health.

PouyaTeb Zakariya

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